infrastructureWhether you are planning a renovation or new construction, VTS Medical Systems and its infrastructure services will help ensure that these projects will be completed on-time and on-budget. VTS infrastructure services consultants should be engaged early in a project to ensure a higher probability of success. The services that VTS provides include, but are not limited to:

Project Management
Space Planning
Electrical Planning

VTS is uniquely qualified to work with facilities planners, architects, general contractors, IT, network infrastructure and key clinical stakeholders to assist in the design, planning and implementation of new construction projects as well as retrofit projects when the time has come to re-evaluate the physical space utilization of simulation facilities.

When engaged early in a project, VTS will collaborate with key stakeholders to facilitate the creation of a project plan to ensure:

  • Appropriate system designs are engineered
  • Realistic time frames are determined
  • Expectations and requirements are met
  • Budgetary parameters are followed

VTS uses a vendor neutral audio video system design, both in terms of equipment and trade vendors. We will incorporate any manufacturers’ products into our integration system and work closely with all trades that would be necessary for the design and construction of a simulation center. This includes architects, IT and network staff and contractors for electrical, low voltage, HVAC, plumbing and carpentry.