Our History

With over 40 years experience, VTS Medical Systems, a subsidiary of STERIS Corporation, provides innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. VTS designs, develops and integrates systems for healthcare and academic facilities that enable positive patient outcomes and improve overall productivity of the medical professional.

During the 1970s, VTS entered the medical field with the development of one of the first Headlight Cameras enabling all clinical team members in the OR to see the same surgical view as the surgeon.   In the 1990s, VTS had a significant impact on the use of video technology in the medical field. Our achievements included the first HDTV broadcast of live surgery from an OR, an emerging technology Surgical Light Camera and video conferencing via satellite.

VTS engineered the first Surgical Light Camera with rotating contacts. This unique technology allowed the surgical arms that held the camera to rotate over 360 degrees without twisting the camera’s wires. The success of our Surgical Light Cameras drove an increase in demand for customized video systems for medical use. The systems designed by VTS gradually expanded to include equipment for audio and video routing and visualization.

VTS continues to produce a wide range of custom electronic devices and systems for clients in the medical field, including; high quality surgical grade LCD displays, medical grade wall displays, HD camera/display systems, video capture systems and fiber optic audio, video and control transmission systems. VTS has combined its product offerings and clinical expertise to provide a complete solution integrating spaces from small community hospital single OR installations to large university hospitals that include multiple operating rooms, conference facilities, video conferencing, surgical theaters and control rooms.

Having integrated over 2500 operating rooms, VTS has expanded its integration solutions into the Medical Simulation marketplace. VTS is considered an expert AV integrator for medical simulation centers, working with simulation software providers to complete their product portfolio. Together we offer a comprehensive solution from simulation software through AV integration and ongoing support.

In 2012, VTS became a subsidiary of STERIS Corporation allowing us to have a worldwide presence with more than 800 service employees in the Unites States alone. STERIS has over half a century of experience in OR planning, design and implementation and now markets the VTS products and OR integration solutions as STERIS Harmony iQ® OR Integration Systems.

With STERIS driving the OR Integration business, VTS is focused on evaluating emerging AV technology along with thoroughly assessing each facilities needs to provide the most innovative AV solution for a medical simulation center.

VTS can now provide the best of both worlds; small company flexibility along with global company presence offering ongoing local service and support of your simulation centers.